SNP Tax hike for Heroes

Thanks to the efforts of Scottish Conservative MPs, the UK Government is stepping in to try to counter the SNP’s tax hike for service personnel.

Our administration must focus on infrastructure

I'm just back from a busy few days speaking to my constituents and attending council meetings. At the latest administration meeting on the 20th I was adamant that our administration focus strongly on infrastructure.

Scotland’s health is not improving

The separatist's continued mismanagement of our heath service was laid bare in a recent Audit Scotland report which has warned that Scotland’s health is not improving and the NHS faces significant challenges.

Rural economy starved by incompetence

After it has been reported that the Scottish Government may escape EU fines over their on going late CAP payments fiasco thanks to UK wide CAP payments arriving on time. It seems that any progress the Scottish Government has been making has completely stalled.

SNP can't be trusted with our NHS

The SNP is spending nearly £80 million a year using private hospitals for the NHS. This is despite assurances the spending would drop, and repeated rhetoric criticising the private healthcare industry.

Labour can't be trusted with the Union

Labour can’t be trusted to prioritise Scotland’s place in the UK. Kezia Dugdale made a speech in London calling for a new Act of Union to preserve the future of the UK.

Building Bridges with Israel

MSPs from most parties in the Scottish Parliament, unfortunately with the exception of the Scottish Greens, will be represented on the Building Bridges with Israel cross-party group that aims to establish closer cultural, academic and economic links with that state.

Second referendum bill bad for Scotland

A draft bill for a second referendum on Scottish independence shows that Nicola Sturgeon has given up being a First Minister for all of Scotland.