Fighting hard for every corner of Kintyre and Islands

I have been putting out Ruth's latest 'No to Indyref 2' leaflet across my council ward, checking up on any progress being made with road and drain repairs, talking to council officials about the challenges facing my ward and speaking directly to my constituents on the doorstep.

SNP attempt to increase taxes by stealth

The SNP is consulting on ending the council tax reduction for single occupants.

Council tax is already a progressive system, and those with low incomes rightly receive discounts. It is ridiculous to suggest single occupancy use as much water as a fully occupied house.

Successful surgery in Carradale

I'm just back from another successful surgery in Carradale today. I was able to check up on the progress being made on the many road, drain and signage repairs that I had previously requested from our local roads department.

Our Brexit Plan

We're delivering on the democratic decision of the British people. The Prime Minister has set out a realistic and practical vision that delivers the referendum decision in full.

Blocked drains being ignored

I have been out and about across both the Islay and mainland side of my ward the past few days doing my upmost to visit every corner of Kintyre and the Islands.