Welcome for Chancellor’s visit to Bute

Shadow Finance Secretary Donald Cameron has warmly welcomed the visit of the Chancellor of the Exchequer to Bute.

The Highlands and Islands MSP said: “I’m very pleased that Rishi Sunak has taken the time to visit a community in the Highlands and Islands region.

Calls for Swinney to resign over exam crisis

John Swinney must resign so focus can turn back to solutions to the exam grade crisis.

It is unforgivable that pupils have been marked down based purely on where they live and the SNP’s appeals process looks doomed to fail unless more staff and resources are committed to it.

Work on Waterfront begins

Preparatory work for the Helensburgh Waterfront Development site will start from Monday 10 August, and drivers are encouraged to find alternative parking options in other parts of the town.

Give pupils every chance to succeed

Scottish Conservative party leader Douglas Ross MP has said that the SNP Government should give pupils every chance to succeed and change the rules on grades this year.

Community anger over latest A83 closure

Shadow Finance Secretary Donald Cameron has written to Transport Minister Michael Matheson urging him to 'wake up' to the implications of the latest closure of the A83 at the Rest and Be Thankful.

A83 shambles hammer blow to local economy

Argyll and Bute Conservative representatives have slammed the SNP's continued lack of urgency to find a permanent solution to the problems that continue to engulf the Rest and Be Thankful.