SNP Tax hike for Heroes

Thanks to the efforts of Scottish Conservative MPs, the UK Government is stepping in to try to counter the SNP’s tax hike for service personnel.

Due to concerns raised by Scottish Conservative MPs, Douglas Ross and Kirstene Hair, Defence Secretary, Gavin Williams, has said he is investigating how to exempt over 8,000 service personnel based in Scotland from the tax rise they under the SNP.

Scottish Conservative MPs stand up for their constituents, the SNP only want to tax them. Even for the brave men and women of our services. The SNP’s message is pay more, get less.

Why the separatists would even consider hiking taxes on our heroes is beyond me. While the SNP may dislike the idea of we Scot's serving in our British armed forces they must not forget their duty to support our brave servicemen.

Cllr Alastair Redman