A stable force for good in the Middle East

I was very pleased to recently join the 'We Believe in Israel' group which is the UK’s fastest growing pro-Israel movement.

'We Believe in Israel' has also launched a new network for the under 35’s – 'Young We Believe in Israel.' Incredibly 'We Believe in Israel' now has more than 16,000 activists campaigning for Israel across the UK after recruiting more than 8,000 activists in two years.

It is my belief that a pro-Palestinian stance has been unfairly dominant in the Scottish Parliament and this must change. Israel is a model of stability with the rise and fall of governments in the Middle East, the nation of Israel stands alone as a stable force in the region.

This is not just their battle against radical Islamic terrorism, but recognising that Israel demonstrates a force of stability in their economy and in their humanitarian efforts.

With other regimes, it is often difficult to build lasting relationships due to the ever-changing tensions in the region. The nation of Israel has been a stable force for good in the region. Israel is the region's only true functioning democracy and our United Kingdom's most reliable ally in the Middle East.

As I have stated many times before as an active member of the Conservative friends of Israel group and now a member of the We Believe in Israel group I hope to see a continuation of closer working relationship with our United Kingdom and our long standing ally Israel.

Cllr Alastair Redman