'Totally scunnered' by the constant IndyRef2 talk

Dunoon and Cowal Councillors Bobby Good and Yvonne McNeilly have been getting out and about in their wards speaking to local people. They have been getting amazing feedback from their constituents on a whole range of issues, with people happy that all the Ward Councillors are working together.

The main message coming through however, is that people are totally "scunnered" by the continual talk about a second independence referendum, they simply don't want it.

There was also strong support for Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson MSP. Yvonne said "People think that Ruth is terrific and will be the next First Minister! There were many people who said that they had not voted for the Conservatives before but next time around they will voting for Ruth and the Scottish Conservatives." adding "What was really clear was that they thought the Conservatives were the only party to be trusted on keeping the UK together."

Taking on concerns around dog fouling, pavements / road conditions and schools, Booby said "at the elections last year we said we would get on with the day job and that is exactly what we are doing and will continue to do"

Cllrs Yvonne McNeilly and Bobby Good