Yvonne McNeilly  -  Councillor for Cowal ward of Argyll & Bute Council

Policy Lead for Eduation


Council Committees:

Policy and Resources Committee
Community Services Committee (Chair)
Local Negotiating Committee (Education)
Employee Joint Consultative Committee
Bute and Cowal Area Committee / Business days (and Area Community Planning Group)


Appointments to other bodies:

University of the Highlands and Islands Foundation Committee


Councillors working hard for Argyll & Bute

It was great to catch up with my fellow Conservative Councillors in Kilmory and to hear of the terrific work they have been doing for their constituents and the wider Argyll and Bute area.

Concerns over Universal Credit roll-out

Universal Credit, the new benefit designed to streamline the benefit process has come under criticism about the way it is being introduced, and the impact this is having on recipients.

McNeilly launches new school menu

Cllr Yvonne McNeilly, Policy Lead for Education, visited Lochgilphead Joint Campus today to launch a new school menu. Sitting down to her lunch of a delicious baguette made at the campus she admitted "I have the best job in all of Argyll and Bute as Education Policy Lead"

More streamlined planning service needed

I have been busy fighting hard for my constituents while attending council meetings and campaigning with fellow Conservative councillors and activists across Argyll over the past few days.


A new report has shown the quality of school education in Argyll and Bute Council to have made “positive progress” since it was first reviewed back in March 2017.