Welcome for schooling U-turn

Highlands and Islands Conservative MSP Donald Cameron has welcomed the U-turn on schooling announced by Education Secretary John Swinney.

Mr Cameron said: “I am delighted that parents and teachers finally have clarity about what the future holds for their children when schools return in August.

“This change in policy was desperately needed. Had the SNP persisted with their muddled plans, it would have caused huge harm to the prospects of many children here in the Highlands and Islands, and across Scotland.

“While pleased with today’s announcement, it's disappointing it has only happened due to sustained and intense pressure being placed on the SNP.”

Cllr Yvonne McNeilly, Policy Lead for Education on Argyll and Bute Council, added: “Now that John Swinney has performed his U-turn he needs urgently to put in place the resources that will allow us to get our schools back to work.

“He cannot just offload responsibility on to local authorities like Argyll and Bute Council which the SNP have systematically underfunded over the last 13 years.

“I am very proud of our teachers who have worked flexibly, and with ingenuity,  to meet the needs of their children. There have been some amazing examples of how they have risen to the challenge with outstanding leadership from our headteachers.

“We need to see that same sort of  leadership from Holyrood which has so far been distinguished by muddle and mixed messages.”

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