SNP policy on early prisoner release is putting public at risk

Scottish Conservative MSP Donald Cameron (Highlands and Islands) has accused the Scottish Government of failing in its duty to the public by not properly assessing the prisoners it is releasing early from custody.

During a debate in the Scottish Parliament earlier today (Thursday 16th January) Mr Cameron highlighted the number of prisoners who have been granted early release, despite having committed offences after previously being released early.

Speaking later Mr Cameron said: “It is absurd that offenders who have already breached their early release licence by committing crimes, should later be rewarded by being re-released on a Home Detention Curfew.

“This policy puts members of the public at risk of criminal behaviour by people who should in all probability still be in custody. Moreover, it undermines the public’s faith in the criminal justice system when they see such a questionable policy which does not take into account the track record of the offenders concerned.

“I don't believe this policy has been properly thought through by ministers who seem to have forgotten that their first responsibility is the protection of the law-abiding public."