Pressing local concerns on Colonsay

I had another very successful surgery on Colonsay recently where I heard numerous pressing local concerns.

The poor quality of the local road network continues to be raised along with the need for decent resurfacing to be done, which means thicker layers of tarmac rather than thinly spread and sprayed resurfacing work.

There is a pressing demand new social housing to be built on the island to help stop depopulation and keep young residents from being forced to move due to lack of housing.

Many local businesses are justifiably angry over the reduction of commercial bin uplifts on the Island. Overflowing bins particularly in the summer months should not be something that has to be tolerated. I have raised this matter with amenities department.

A regular ferry service with minimum disruptions is essential to Colonsay's economy as well as access for locals going to and from the mainland. The Scottish Government must ensure a well funded ferry network as we go into the future.

I look forward to my next visit to Colonsay very soon.

Cllr Alastair Redman