Conservatives will deliver on the things that matter most to ordinary people

Members of the Argyll & Bute Conservative and Unionist Association met yesterday at their AGM in Inveraray.

The meeting heard reports from our representatives on both Argyll & Bute Council and in the Scottish Parliament, detailing the varied work that they have been doing to represent our constituency, and to stand up for the union of our United Kingdom.

Campaign Chair, Councillor Yvonne McNeilly said "I am really delighted at our very big turnout for our Association executive meeting and AGM. We had lots of new faces, including young members, keen to get involved in our campaigns. We were also delighted to welcome our regional Chairman Gordon Wallace-Brown as well as our regional organisers. 

"We are in great shape as an association with our membership growing. People are sick to death of the SNP constant demands for IndyRef2  and the Lib Dem's ignoring entirely the will of the people by demanding a second referendum. Call it what you like 'a confirmatory vote' or a 'peoples vote' no-one is fooled, it is a second referendum.

"What we are hearing from ordinary people is 'just get on and deal with the things that matter to us, jobs, pensions, health and education.'

"That is why yesterday we came away confident that whoever we choose to be the next leader of the Conservatives will deliver on the things that matter most to ordinary people. Deliver the wishes of the people to leave the EU and provide rock solid commitment to our Union . 

"If you believe in these things .....then come and join us now in Ruth's Scottish Conservatives, and help us deliver on the things that really matter to people, and  fight the SNP who seek to do nothing but destroy our Union.

"So come on, sign up!!!!"