Better pylon positioning could mitigate visual impact

I was out and about in Tarbert today getting updated by my constituents and local businesses on many pressing local issues.

With the village of Tarbert heading into the busy tourist season the lack of parking spaces in certain areas will become more and more prevalent, all the more so with the ever increasing amount of traffic going towards Islay. I will continue to seek local advice on how to resolve Tarbert's parking space challenges and make sure that they are relayed on to our roads department.

While the upgrades to the electrical grid capacity are much needed I have been listening to concerns about the plans to erect numerous huge pylons along the picturesque Tarbert skyline. Many locals have commented that there has been insufficient pubic consultation and many of my constituents have pointed out that with some changes to pylon positioning much of the adverse visual impact could be mitigated.

I have also been sent pictures and videos of the cemetery road which has numerous large potholes and craters. Many Tarbert residents have informed me that if we in the council cannot help to provide a solution to this then a community solution should be looked at.

It was great to catch up with local residents in Tarbert and I look forward to being back there very soon.

Cllr Alastair Redman