Andrew Vennard selected as Scottish Conservative & Unionist candidate for Oban North and Lorn by-election

Oban solicitor Andrew Vennard has been selected to stand as the Scottish Conservative & Unionist candidate in the forthcoming Argyll & Bute Council by-election for the Oban North and Lorn ward.

The by-election arises from the resignation of Councillor Louise Glen Lee

Polling will take place on Thursday 17 July 2014.

Highlands & Islands MSP Jamie McGrigor is backing Andrew's election campaign, says:

“Andrew Vennard is a hard-working community activist who has helped to enhance facilities in Oban.  Argyll & Bute Council needs people of his calibre to stand up for local people, so I hope you will give him your first preference vote on 17th July.  If you can’t give him your “1” preference, please mark him as “2” on the ballot paper”.

 Andrew is currently a member of Oban Community Council  - to see more about Andrew and his qualifications for the post of local authority Councillor, click here.