David Kinniburgh  –  Councillor for Helensburgh & Lomond South ward of Argyll & Bute Council

Councillor David Kinniburgh was first elected to Argyll & Bute Council in May 2007.  He was re-elected in May 2012.

In May 2013, David and his two fellow Conservative councillors founded The Argyll, Lomond & Islands Group (TALIG)  -  a multi-member cross-party/non-party group which includes Independents, Liberal Democrats, and Conservatives.

During the period 2007-2012, David served on the Council’s Audit Committee.  He served also on its Planning, Protective Services, and Licensing Committee (PPSL), and was a member of the administration which ran the council from December 2010 to May 2012.

On his re-election in May 2012, he continued to serve on the PPSL and, in October 2013, he was appointed a Senior Councillor as the Policy Lead for Planning and Regulatory Services.  In this role, David now chairs the Planning, Protective Services, and Licensing Committee, and he is a member of the Environment, Development, and Infrastructure Committee.  He is a member also of the Helensburgh & Lomond Area Committee.

David was born in Helensburgh in 1959.  He lives in Dumbarton with his wife Linda and their sons Christopher and Darren.  In October 2012, David and Linda celebrated their Silver Wedding anniversary.

David completed his education at Hermitage Academy in 1976.  He served his apprenticeship as a motor vehicle technician at a local garage in Helensburgh.  In 1983, he left the motor trade and, for over six years, worked in the insurance industry.

In 1990, he returned to the motor trade and was employed by Helensburgh Toyota, where he works to the present day and where he has gained vast experience of the motor industry, having played various roles within the company, including technician, workshop controller, sales executive, and service advisor.

When he finds time to relax away from work and council duties, David enjoys playing golf and cooking.

He enjoys also the work of Robert Burns and is a member of several Burns Clubs.  He is a Past President of Helensburgh Burns Club, and was instrumental, along with four companions, in reconstituting the Club in December 2008, it having been dormant since around 1950.  David is now the Treasurer of the Club.


Thank you

On behalf of all the candidates, and our newly elected group of councillors, Argyll and Bute Conservative and Unionist Association would like to thank all of our members and supporters, who turned out in such great numbers and voted in the local elections last week.