Barbara Morgan  -  Councillor for the Lomand North ward of Argyll & Bute Council

Barbara lives in Kilcreggan, part of the Lomand North constituency, having moved there a number of years ago with her partner Denise and their 2 pets.

"Living in this area, I feel proud to be part of a community which has a wealth of knowledge, creativity and a strong sense of togetherness."

Barbara works as a shift manager in manufacturing for the past 26 years


No to a 2nd referendum

What a good response in Dumbarton for " No to a 2nd referendum " .

Sally Page and Brian Walker also receiving good feedback for council elections .. topped of with some lovely Scottish sunshine ☀️

Barbara Morgan

On the banks of Loch Lomand

Another great day leafleting and speaking to residents on the banks of Loch Lomond ...

Luss and Arrochar in the sunshine ☀️.. All good ? .. happy days ☀️️☀️️☀️️

Barbara Morgan

Positive and supportive messages on the doorstep

Another great sunny day leafleting in Kilcreggan and Cove .

Thank you to the good positive and supportive messages from people on the doorstep and my team of helpers .

Always appreciated ??

Barbara Morgan

Just get on with the job

Great day in RHU and Shandon , great support and help delivering leaflets .

Clear message being given when knocking on doors no more talk of independence, just get on with the job in hand .

Barbara Morgan

Role of honour reinstated

Great to see the Helensburgh and Garelochhead loch Unionist (aka Conservatives) "world War 1 Role of Honour" being reinstated in the Charles Rennie MacKintosh rooms in Sinclair St, Helensburgh.

A beautiful and inspiring artistic space run by Bruce and Nicola Jamieson from Kilcreggan.