Restore front line local policing to our communities

Scotland’s police chief has warned the SNP over the funding of the force.

The SNP have been warned that without an additional £70 million funding, 350 officers will have to be cut, increasing pressure on front line policing.

Conservative Councillors working together on local issues

I had a very productive meeting with Depute Policy Lead for Economic Development Cllr Bobby Good and Depute Policy Lead for Communities, Housing and Islands Cllr Sir Jamie McGrigor in Kilmory where we discussed many pressing issues.

Crumbling pavements becoming serious trip hazard

I was happy to be back on Islay again recently to check up on progress being made by our hard working roads and street-lighting teams in improving our island's infrastructure.

Majority of Scots oppose soft touch justice

The SNP cannot continue to ignore the majority of Scots who oppose their soft touch justice system.

In a recent survey, a majority of people said that the separatist's sentencing policy is too soft.