Can infrastructure cope with growth?

I have been travelling to different corners of my council ward, putting out Ruth's surveys, attending meetings and visiting local residents. 

Bed blocking costing NHS Scotland £125M a year

Bed blocking is costing NHS Scotland £125 million a year as one in thirteen hospital beds are being blocked by delays in sending patients home, with one of the main reasons being a delay in care packages for elderly patients.

Redman working on survey feedback

Today I was back in Portnahaven and Port Wemyss putting out Ruth's latest questionnaire letters and speaking to my local constituents.

Safety concerns over street lighting faults

While putting out my latest survey in Port Ellen and Bowmore I was able to look into the numerous complaints about potholes, littering, social housing condition and street lighting faults.

SNP U-turn on Policing

The SNP have been forced to U-turn on their plans to abolish the British Transport Police after senior officers warned they couldn’t safely plan a new date for the merger to go ahead.

Councillor meets with Colleagues in Edinburgh

I was delighted to meet some of my fellow Conservative Councillors in Edinburgh when I was attending the latest SCCORS meeting.

It was great to hear about the terrific work they and other Conservative Councillors are doing for their constituents in Edinburgh.

Social Housing should be fit for purpose

I have been visiting constituents and local businesses from Tarbert to Islay speaking to local residents and delivering my latest survey leaflet.

Honouring the memory and bravery of Lieutenant David MacIntyre VC

The village of Portnahaven on Islay played host to the ceremony to mark the one hundredth anniversary of the actions at Henin and Fontaine-Les-Croisilles, France (24th and 27th of August 1918) and the award of the Victoria Cross to temporary Lieutenant David Lowe MacIntyre, Argyll and Sutherland