We need our infrastructure to match our economic achievements

I had a very successful surgery today on the Isle of Jura. I was delighted to speak to so many of my constituents including some of the new members of Jura's Community Council.

Like the other Islands in my ward the main complaint I have been receiving is about Cal Mac's management of our ferry service and it is hardly surprising. How much longer are Cal Mac and the Scottish Government going to continue to deliver a 'not fit for purpose' service particularity during our busy times of the year?

The front line workers of Cal Mac continue to do a terrific job for their passengers but at a central management and government level much more needs to be done.

As ever it would not be a surgery on Jura or Islay for that matter without our roads being mentioned. Once again I'm of a mind to agree with my hard pressed constituents when they correctly state that we on the Islands of Jura and Islay have been given a raw deal. Central governments continue to benefit from the vast tax revenue as a result of our huge industrial output yet we on the Islands are given mere crumbs in return.

Our Council is putting more funds into Argyll's infrastructure and this is more than welcome. The ball is now in the court of the Scottish Government and it is their turn to show we on the Islands that they no longer see us as a backwater to be ignored and disregarded.

It's a great time be on these Islands as the private sector of our local economy grows at a tremendous pace. Now we need our infrastructure to match our economic achievements.

I hugely enjoyed my latest visit to my Jura constituents and I'm looking forward to returning very soon.