Tarbert flooding bad for business

I had another very successful surgery in Tarbert today where I had the opportunity to catch up with many of my constituents.

Tarbert business owners that I have been speaking to have justifiably been asking for large scale investment in the village of Tarbert, particularly when it comes to blocked drainage on Harbour St that has lead to flooding on numerous occasions.

If this is not properly fixed and flooding continues, it won't just be a huge inconvenience and possible danger for local residents but it will have a detrimental effect on customer footfall and the trade it generates.

I have been in contact with Scottish Water on a regular basis and raised this matter at numerous MAKI meetings.

The need for more local social housing is brought up at my surgeries, on the street and on the door step. This is not surprising as the best way to keep our younger residents in rural villages like Tarbert is quality jobs and availability of housing.

I will keep campaigning hard for more social housing, more part rent - part mortgage government backed schemes and more affordable housing for direct purchase.

I have also reported a few of Habour St's broken and loose paving slabs that need to be replaced. Some of these are trip hazards and will hopefully be fixed by our roads department soon.

As ever I will continue to fight relentlessly for every corner of the Kintyre and Islands ward and I look forward being back in Tarbert very soon. 


Cllr Alastair Redman - Kintyre and Islands ward