SNP spending millions to hand welfare powers back to DWP

The SNP are spending millions to hand welfare powers back to the DWP.

An Audit Scotland report found the SNP have spent £7.3 million this year handing powers back to the UK Government. Audit Scotland stated: “The Scottish Government found delivery on its initial commitments harder than expected”, adding that the current systems in place “will not be enough to support the delivery of the second wave” of powers.

They also said “The Scottish Government does not have a clear understanding of the key things needed to deliver all remaining benefits in the way it intends.” The SNP has spent years complaining about the UK Government’s approach to benefits, but now hands them back powers.

If the SNP can’t even sort out how to administer some benefits, how on earth do they propose to run an independent country? This is what happens when the SNP forget the day job.

Cllr Alastair Redman