SNP over-promise and under-deliver on broadband

SNP Energy Minister had to come to Holyrood today, 9th January, to admit that their 2016 manifesto pledge on broadband connectivity would not be met, with the biggest delays experienced in the North of Scotland.

Highlands and Islands Scottish Conservative MSP Donald Cameron said: “This shocking delay has massive implications for the Highlands and Islands.

“To add insult to injury, the minister could not even provide a date for connecting premises in the north of Scotland because of a legal dispute.

“The impact on residents yet to be connected is bad enough but the effect on businesses and public services will also be profound, as they need certainty to be able to invest and develop their services.

“The SNP have completely let down the whole Highlands and Islands region by their failure to deliver on their promises. This broken pledge will be neither forgotten nor forgiven by the public given the long-term consequences for economic growth and jobs across the Highlands and Islands."

Jamie Green MSP, Scottish Conservative Infrastructure Spokesperson said it was: "another day, another failed contract, another broken promise from the SNP.

"‪In typical SNP fashion they over-promised for a bit of PR but completely fell flat when it came to actually delivering the policy.‬ Now rural communities across Scotland will have to wait at least another four years for modern broadband connectivity."