Sick and tired of this SNP lead government

I have been visiting local residents on the mainland side of my ward again today. It was great to speak directly to my constituents, some of whom have recently joined our party.

While putting out my latest leaflet in Tarbert I was able to hear directly about numerous local concerns ranging from potholes, street lighting issues, mobile phone roaming charges, dog fouling, the overall condition of some of our social housing and the frankly unacceptable state of Argyll's trunk roads.

I will continue to press for a resolution to all of these matters and more in not just in my ward but across Argyll and Bute.

There is also increasing anger at the SNP's national performance from local residents. Whether it is their policy on tax increases for our workers in Scotland, the over centralisation of almost everything the separatists get their hands on or their relentless obsession with having yet another referendum, it's become very clear that more and more of we Scots are sick and tired of this SNP lead government.

Cllr Alastair Redman