Scottish taxpayer faces a bill of millions for SNP’s poor project planning

The SNP have plunged Scotland’s ferry network into chaos.

As it stands, 16 of the 52 CalMac vessels are beyond their 25-year life expectancy. And without any back-up ferries, any breakdown or emergency repairs cause significant disruption.

Now the Scottish taxpayer faces a bill of tens of millions of pounds for the SNP’s poor project planning.

This is a national scandal. Nicola Sturgeon should take indyref2 off the table and get back to the day job.

This is yet one more reason why we in Scotland desperately need new leadership with Ruth Davidson as our next First Minister.

Ruth has recently addressed Scottish Conservative conference where she started to set out what her leadership as First Minister could look like.

We want to stop a second referendum so we can get government focused back onto the things that matter including a secure job for everyone, better standards in our schools, and better public services.

Cllr Alastair Redman