Scottish Labour's Civil War

The continuing Labour party Civil War has expanded to an even greater magnitude. The latest episode in Labour's death spiral is taking place in their "Scottish branch office" as the Scottish Labour Party has recently axed of two of their prominent front benchers.

Richard Leonard has been condemned by fellow Labour politicians for sacking Anas Sarwar and Jackie Baillie in a dramatic cabinet reshuffle.

Sarwar and Baillie are viewed as centrist members of the party that has seen a widening split between Leonard’s left-wing allies and the more moderate parliamentarians.

Sarwar expressed his dismay at having discovered his sacking via twitter while he was leading Scottish Labour in a health debate within the chamber recently.

In more chaos, earlier in the day Leonard’s spin doctor Charlie Mann quit, after only being in the post for six months. Mann stated that the role was ‘not for him’.

Scottish Labour’s chaos has made it clearer than ever that only Ruth Davidson and the Scottish Conservatives are able to stand up to the SNP and take Scotland forward.

Cllr Alastair Redman