“Sack the board” never more apt for 650 folk

It is astonishing the amount of folk that speak to me about Brexit and offer their view on what should happen. So here is my tuppence worth.

Irrespective of who speaks to me and their own particular views, the general consensus is that all our MP’s have let us down. Every MP, party and faction is now pursuing their own narrow agenda irrespective of the democratic wishes of the majority expressed nearly three years ago.

In simple terms we had a referendum that was decisive. We have also other referenda: one in 1975 on the EEC, one in 1979 on devolution; one on the Good Friday agreement, on establishing the Scottish Parliament & Welsh Assembly and on changing the voting system.

In each and every case, our elected representatives accepted the decision and implemented it. We didn’t dilly dally, question the result, change house rules or think we will give the voters another go to get it right, we did what was asked.

For the sake of democracy, they must do so in this case. If they cannot manage that they should do the honourable thing, forgo their £80,000 salary and expenses and go.

The football chant of “sack the board” has never seemed more apt for 650 folk.

Cllr Gary Mulvaney, Depute Leader Argyll & Bute Council