Redman pushing for much needed repairs

I have been travelling to each part of Islay over the past few days catching up with my constituents, listening to their concerns and checking up on the progress of road and street lighting repairs.

The resurfacing of some of the Kilchoman road, the complete resurfacing of the Bowmore hospital road and the repairing of Port Ellen's street lights are hugely welcome and most certainly a step in the right direction.

That said much more still needs to be done in my council ward with street lighting in Port Wemyss still not working. The Cladach road is still in a terrible state, and much of the pothole filling across Islay that has been done will not last forever, so a resurfacing program of works will be needed as a long term solution.

I am continuing to receive numerous justifiable complaints about the condition of our social housing stock from almost every corner of the Kintyre and Islands ward. Dilapidated windows and doors, roofing that is left unrepaired, heating systems in some cases that are working inefficiently and mould problems that are seeming systemic.

I have been in contact with our roads department and our housing associations about these matters and much more. I will keep pushing hard to make sure much needed repairs are not left undone.

Cllr Alastair Redman