Ready to meet the challenges ahead

I think it is fair to say that the general consensus on the Tory Party Conference in Birmingham is that it was a huge success.   The Party is ‘on a roll’, with a new Prime Minister, a new Cabinet, and fresh policy ideas.

Nonetheless, challenging times lie ahead as negotiations begin on the UK leaving the EU.   As Prime Minister Theresa May has cautioned, the process will not be without its difficulties, and doubtless there will be bumps on the road.

Irrespective of how each of us as individuals voted in the Referendum in June, the people have spoken, and the result must be respected.   Incidentally, would that the SNP had respected the outcome of the Independence Referendum!

So, a lot of hard work for the UK Government lies ahead in the coming months and years, but on a more local basis we are faced with challenges too as we prepare for the Local Government elections next May.

I am delighted to say we now have prospective candidates in every Ward in Argyll and Bute.   They are a great group, full of enthusiasm, rarin’ to go, and are lead by an equally enthusiastic and determined Campaign Committee.

Our aim is to win as many seats as possible so that we can increase our representation on the Council and bring Conservative ideas and values to bear on the council’s work and policies.

To achieve this, we need as much help as possible, both in terms of finance and manpower.   If you can assist in any way please contact our constituency office, telephone 01546 603811.   Your help will be warmly welcomed.

Sandy MacPherson