£300,000 for Port Charlotte to Bruichladdich pathway

I am delighted to confirm that over £500,000 has been allocated to projects in Argyll and Bute supporting our growing tourism sector.

£300,000 of which has been awarded to building (subject to conditions) a Bruichladdich - Port Charlotte pathway which will be accessible for all and link the accommodation and tourism businesses in Port Charlotte with the Bruichladdich businesses and Distillery to provide a safe route for non-vehicle traffic.

This is tremendous news for locals and visitors alike and will have a hugely positive affect on our local tourist industry.

While this is just one project and only in one part of Islay this is an example that Islay and the wider Kintyre and Islands ward is at long last getting some of the recognition it deserves.

This is a good start but it should be by no means the end as there are potholes, faulty street lights and missing street and road signs across my council ward none of which should not be left unfixed.

Our local grid capacity desperately needs upgrading and many stretches of Islay and Jura roads used on a regular basis by our distilleries must be resurfaced if our economy is to continue to grow and crate so much tax revenue for the Scottish and U.K economy.

We as council must do all we can in pressing for recognition from both the Scottish and U.K government of Islay and Jura that have been their tax revenue bread baskets for decades upon decades.

As your Councillor I will not rest until the past unfair treatment of Islay, Jura and the wider Kintyre and Islands ward is rectified and my constituents are given a fairer deal.

Cllr Alastair Redman