Poor condition of local hall highlighted at surgery

At my latest surgeries in Port Ellen and Bowmore I heard from many of my constituents about numerous pressing local concerns.

In Port Ellen as well as bringing a number of street lighting faults and unfilled potholes to my attention many local residents also raised concerns about the poor condition of Ramsay Hall including severe dampness, mould, damaged walls and ceilings. I have contacted Live Argyll and they have confirmed they will be discussing remedial works and costs in the new year. It will stay in-contact with Live Argyll until this matter is resolved.

In Bowmore half of the new builds at Sealladh Loch Na Dala are without super fast fibre optic broadband as BT Openreach have seemingly bypassed a portion of these homes. I have raised this matter with BT Openreach and made it clear these large gaps in their service cannot continue.

If we lived in a urban area this problem would have already been rectified. The large digital gaps in rural Scotland are sadly even more prevalent on our Islands. As your Councillor I will keep up the pressure to see this matter and all others are addressed.

Cllr Alastair Redman