Pavements in dangerous state of disrepair

I was back in Bowmore again today to listen to local resident's concerns about the terrible condition of local pavements and roads, the condition of which looks absolutely shocking and are in a dangerous state of disrepair.

It's not lost on my constituents that the picture of our crumbling roads and pavements is against the backdrop of the Bowmore distillery and it's vast warehouses is immensely symbolic of the unfair and raw deal that the Isle of Islay gets when it comes to infrastructure spending.

To make matters worse, without a tar plant on Islay a lot of what gets spent on our roads is lost in heavy freight costs due to having to ferry everything in.

While the extra money we are seeing being spent on our roads for pot-hole filling is a start, large scale resurfacing is needed.

With the tremendous growth we are seeing in our world famous distillery industry and new distilleries opening, piecemeal patch work simply will not be enough.

As your local Councillor, as well as visiting and speaking to my constituents directly, I will continue to check up on road repairs and see first hand just how bad our infrastructure is.

I will also continue to relentlessly lobby both central government and my fellow administration members for a fairer and better deal for the Kintyre and Islands ward.

Cllr Alastair Redman