MSP welcomes solution to overgrown island cemetery

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron has welcomed the resolution to concerns about the overgrown state of the cemetery on the island of Gigha.

Following an intervention by Councillor Alastair Redman (Kintyre and the Islands Ward), Argyll and Bute Council confirmed that it has responsibility for the upkeep of the cemetery and is acting to put it to rights.

Mr Cameron said: “All communities take pride in their public amenities, and nowhere is that sense stronger than on the islands, and particularly with the upkeep of cemeteries which are invariably maintained to an extremely high standard.

“We feel a very strong sense of kinship to our forebears and I am not in the slightest bit surprised at how upset local people in Gigha became as they saw what was a beautifully maintained place of rest looking uncared for.

“I am very pleased that Alastair has acted on this and that the council has acknowledged its responsibility.”

Councillor Redman said: “I was worried that the longer things were left, the more difficult it would be to restore the cemetery to the standard that local people would feel was appropriate.

“I hope that it will soon start looking a lot neater and tidier.”

In its response to Councillor Redman’s enquiry, a Council spokesperson said: "The cemetery has received one of its two weed killing sprays and the grass is being cut every fortnight. All areas of the County are reporting a marked acceleration in growth this year and this is assumed to be linked to the warm and wet Summer.”

Mr Cameron and Councillor Redman said that they would welcome feedback from residents about the condition of cemeteries, and other public spaces, in their communities.

Donald Cameron can be contacted by email at or via his constituency office at 108 George Street, Oban, PA34 5NT (Telephone: 01631 563474). Councillor Redman can be contacted by email at or on  07747 702430.