More needs to be done on island roads

I was back in Bowmore and Port Ellen again recently visiting my constituents and checking up on the condition of local roads.

I heard once again many justifiable concerns in regards to the condition of some of our social housing stock, particularly with the long and unacceptable delays in much needed replacement windows that some tenants are having to go through. On top of that many of our island's essential workers are still struggling to get housing and while our terrific local economy continues to grow this shortage will only become more and more prevalent.

Thankfully we are building more housing and in time this problem will be addressed. I will do all that I can to encourage not just the building of housing for social rents but also we must look to build more affordable housing for direct purchase and there must be more new properties being made for part rent part mortgage schemes.

I also got the chance to hear from my constituents about the latest batch of resurfacing on Islay. I was told that the work being done was very welcome and much appreciated, however that said much more needs to be done. There are large potholes throughout our island and although patching helps, areas like Jamieson Street Bowmore, Mansefield Road Port Ellen and many others will need resurfacing as soon as possible.

On roads, housing and so many other important issues I will keep pressing for a better deal for my council ward.

Cllr Alastair Redman