More than crumbs for Kintyre & the Islands

I'm just back from a busy few days attending a Planning site visit on the (very windy and beautiful) Isle of Tiree and visiting my constituents across the Kintyre and Islands ward. It was great to speak to so many Argyll residents while on my planning committee duties, so many of whom I had previously met during my 2015 general election campaign.

Speaking to people in Argyll it's clear that there is wide spread support for the council administration's budget that was recently unanimously supported by every councillor in Argyll and Bute.

I'm also hearing more and more anger from the general public about the shocking condition or Argyll's trunk roads and the Scottish Government's lack of action.

The separatist MSP's need to forget this nonsense of jet setting around Europe while whining about Brexit and trying in vain to reverse the democratic will of the people of the U.K. What we want and need from the Scottish Government is for them to tackle the huge problems we in Scotland face due to the SNP's shambolic mismanagement of our NHS, education, Police and to invest more in Scotland's rural communities. It's high time for the separatists virtue signalling to end and for them to get on with their day jobs.

It was great to speak to my constituents in Port Ellen while putting out my latest leaflet. What I have been hearing on the doorstep is that while many are delighted that our toilets will be staying open and Argyll and Bute will be getting a total of £15 million for roads over the next two years it's hugely important that the Kintyre and Islands ward is not given a mere handful of crumbs from this £15M pot. The huge industrial output across much of my council ward and it's tax contributions demand more recognition and action from our council. As ever I will be keeping up the fight for my local ward.

Cllr Alastair Redman