McGrigor and Kelly continue to press NHS Highland on proposed Campbeltown methadone clinic

Jamie McGrigor, Highlands & Islands Conservative MSP, and Councillor Donald Kelly (Argyll First, South Kintyre) have once again urged NHS Highland to reconsider their plans to establish a methadone clinic in Campbeltown.  They spoke out following the recent visit to the town of the Scottish Cabinet, during which Public Health Minister Michael Matheson told concerned locals that a methadone clinic would not be forced on the community if they did not want it.

Recently, at a meeting organised by Jamie McGrigor, Cllr Kelly held talks in Campbeltown on this subject with the chairman of NHS Highland Garry Coutts, as well as on proposals to reduce inpatient bed numbers at Campbeltown hospital.

Speaking today, Cllr Kelly said:

“Given Michael Matheson’s comments in Campbeltown in answering concerns raised with him by members of the public about the proposed clinic, and given the fact that local police have confirmed that Campbeltown does not have a hard drugs problem, it seems to me astonishing that NHS Highland seem determined to press ahead”.

Jamie McGrigor MSP said:

“I have already raised local concerns with both NHS Highland and the Health Secretary Alex Neil, and I will be making further representations to NHS Highland in light of Mr Matheson’s comments.  There continues to be real scepticism in Campbeltown about the need for this clinic and NHS Highland must do more to respond to the concerns and anxieties of local people”.