Jura progress, but much more still needs to be done

It was great to once again catch up with my constituents on the Isle of Jura while attending the latest Jura Community Council meeting.

Progress has undoubtedly been made when it comes to resurfacing of local roads, repairing road lay-bys and general pothole filling. That said much more still needs to be done on the Isle of Jura and across the Kintyre and Islands ward.

The question of a 30 to 20 mph speed limit through Craighouse must be addressed as there are justifiable safety concerns particularly in regards to Jura's Primary School pupils.

There are a number of Jura's street lights that are not working and the slow response in getting them repaired can't be allowed to become a regular occurrence.

We also need to see much more joined up thinking in regards to our ferry and other transport links. It goes without saying that the ferries and roads are vital lifelines to our Island communities and any problems at all will hit local economic growth.

As in all other parts of the Kintyre and Islands ward the need for housing continues to be a pressing issue. If we as a council are to properly encourage population growth in Argyll and Bute then housing must be made available in order to house the workers of our growing rural industries.

I look forward to being back on Jura very soon.

Cllr Alastair Redman