Jura growth needs infrastructure investment

On my latest visit to Jura I held a surgery and spoke to local businesses, as well as hearing resident's concerns on the door step.

While some of the resurfacing on the island is very welcome so much more still needs to be done, especially the further north of Craighouse you travel. Many locals have quite rightly pointed out that these roads are more on par with something you would see in a third world county not an industrialised first world nation like ours. I will continue to do all that I can as your local councillor to make sure the roads on Jura, and the rest of my ward, are given the investment they need.

If we are to continue to see the terrific growth in Jura's population then new housing must be built with priority being given to important local workers like teachers, health workers, nurses, bus drivers, policemen etc. The planned new build housing will at least go some way to addressing the housing challenges on Jura.

Speeding through Craighouse including beside the Small Isles Primary School has rightfully been mentioned to myself every time I visit the Island by many worried local residents. If we are unable to have a commitment for a speed limit to be put in place for Craighouse then at the very least our roads department should be willing to put up some advisory signs in the village.

With the internet being more and more important for day to day living and for local small business growth and operation, decent internet speed throughout the island is essential and not just a patchwork quilt of good and bad digital service.

As ever, as your councillor I will continue to campaign relentlessly for a better deal for Jura and the rest of the Kintyre and Islands ward.

Cllr Alastair Redman