It's time to deliver the democratic result of the 2016 referendum

 My my, how people give themselves away and let themselves down.

Yesterday's Press pictures of the opening of the European Parliament  made me simply cringe and feel hugely disappointed at the same time.

First off, we have the ill mannered and super stupid "hey lets face backwards and not sing" stunt by The Farage Fan club; AKA The Brexit Party.

When you think that it can't get any worse; well, enter stage left; The Lib Dems. The one thing they are great at is reassuring you, oh yes it can!!!! The bright yellow T shirts with "B------S to BREXIT. Thats' the spirit eh ???? The good old two finger flick at the democratic result of  the 2016 referendum.

I voted REMAIN and I still believe strongly that we should have stayed.  But that isn't the point. The point is we voted to LEAVE . So my side lost. Just like my side won in Scotland in 2014. That's it.

The Ballot box is sacrosanct. So really these stupid irrelevant stunts are getting us nowhere. It is time for shoulders to the wheel and move this whole show on. Particularly all our Parliamentarians. 

Cllr Yvonne McNeilly