GP quits accusing SNP of failing rural areas

A leading rural GP has quit a government body after accusing the SNP of failing rural areas.

The SNP have been forced to try and lure back retired doctors to plug the gaps caused by their NHS staffing crisis. If Sturgeon didn’t bungle the training of new recruits in the first place, none of this would be necessary.

To make matters worse, news has surfaced that the SNP have cancelled nearly 100,000 operations in the last three years. SNP Health Secretary Jeane Freeman admitted that 97,322 elective procedures had to be rescheduled in the last three years - the equivalent of 89 a day. The trend is also increasing, with a rise of 1279 cancelled operations over the past year.

This will have created massive heartache and inconvenience for thousands of patients and their families. It’s more proof that the SNP government’s obsession with indyref2 is harming Scotland’s NHS.

The SNP has been in charge of our health service for 11 years now. They have failed when it comes to planning for the future of our NHS.

Cllr Alastair Redman - Kintyre and the Island ward