A good time to be a conservative in Scotland

The Local Government Elections are now almost upon us, and as we contest every ward in Argyll and Bute our excellent candidates are all hard at work

canvassing in their local areas.


I firmly believe there is a real need for a strong Conservative and Unionist representation on Argyll and Bute Council, and there is no time like the present

for that to come about.


If elected, our candidates are committed to holding the Administration to account and to acting in the best interests of all the people of Argyll and Bute.

As our campaign progresses we are receiving very positive feedback on the doorsteps, and it seems many people are thoroughly disillusioned with the SNP

Government’s current antics. One very potent way of sending the message that its priority ought lie in managing the country’s affairs rather than agitating for a

second Independence Referendum is to vote Scottish Conservative and Unionist on Thursday 4th May.


This is a very good time to be a Conservative in Scotland. Let’s ensure this is underlined at the upcoming Elections.


Sandy MacPherson