Gary's positive vision for Argyll & Bute

Our country has suffered as a result of the parliamentary paralysis in the last couple of years. I cannot count the number of times people have said to me that “our country’s a joke” and an “international laughing stock”. Our elected MP’s seem happy to create mayhem but deliver nothing. ‘Get it sorted’ the people demand. I fully agree.

 As Argyll & Bute’s next MP I would be part of a government with a positive vision for our country. That would ‘Get Brexit sorted’ and gets parliament working for you; the things that really matter to our communities. Like health care and finding an answer to why we have to wait so long for treatment. Like education and why we are slipping down the international league tables. Like why here in Scotland we have so many deaths from drugs. Like why nearly one in five in Argyll & Bute cannot access superfast broadband. These are all the things that matter to our communities, and things on which the SNP are failing the people of Scotland.

There is only one genuine route to get out of this mess. Unionists need to come together and vote tactically to remove the SNP from Argyll & Bute. There were only 1300 votes between the SNP and Conservatives in 2017. The alternative is sadly more of the same. Another hung parliament. Corbyn in Downing Street wreaking havoc with our economy. Nicola Sturgeon calling the shots. Another two referenda. Sheer bloody-minded chaos.

Cllr Gary Mulvaney