Gary Mulvaney selected for Argyll & Bute

Gary Mulvaney has been announced as the Scottish Conservative and Unionist candidate for Argyll & Bute in the forthcoming General Election on December 12th.

Commenting on his selection Gary said “I am delighted that I have been selected for Argyll & Bute to stand in the election. Nobody really expected that we were going to have a Christmas election, but we are here to campaign and we are here to win.

“We were 1300 votes short last time; this time we are going to do it, but we are going to need every single unionist vote to do it.

“We will be focusing on getting Brexit done; I think everybody is tired of it, they want to just get done and move on. We want to send a really clear message to Nicola Sturgeon that we do not want a second referendum, and we want to concentrate on the people’s priorities: schools, hospitals, crime, law and order.”

Association Chairman, Alec McNeilly  said  “Gary Mulvaney will make a terrific MP and represent the interests of ALL the people of Argyll and Bute. Gary has been a very successful councillor and is well respected both in his ward and the rest of the constituency. Gary knows at first-hand what people are saying and their top priorities, and will work on your behalf at all times.

“At the last election Gary came very close to winning with the SNP majority falling from 7,500 to 1,300.  This time, we are the only party that can beat the SNP and we must do our utmost to unite the unionist vote.

“This is the most important election in a generation and we need a Conservative majority Government. Without it, we will have Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street dancing to Nicola’s tune – a chilling thought. “

Gary is currently Deputy Leader of Argyll & Bute council. By profession Gary is a chartered certified accountant and currently works in the motor trade for an SME company. He is married to Janet and they have one daughter, Sammy Jo.