Drainage problems reduce longevity of repairs

I had yet another successful surgery in Tayinloan today where I got the opportunity to hear from many local residents.

The most raised issue continues to be the condition of the A83 trunk road. While the road surface was in poor condition, there have been some recent improvement works carried out, which Bear Scotland informed me they were going to do.

However, without fixing the numerous drainage issues that are causing flooding, any road resurfacing and patch work will simply not last as long. I have spoken to front line Bear Scotland workers who told me that further works are planned.

I have told BEAR Scotland on numerous occasions that the road culverts are blocked between Tayinloan and Killean. If our roads continue to be flooded, particularly in the winter months, then that section of the trunk road will become very hazardous.

I was also able to check up on the progress being made with local roads, pavements and drains by our local roads department. While some pavement patch work is a step in the right direction, some of the local drains are still broken and pavements are still over grown.

I will keep pressing for all of these matters and much more to be addressed as soon as possible. I look forward to visiting my constituents in Tayinloan again very soon.

Cllr Alastair Redman