Drainage and Housing Concerns in Tarbert

It was great to hear from my constituents in Tarbert once again at latest surgery.

The local drainage issues continue to persist as do justifiable demands to have both Scottish Water and our local council sort this matter out properly. As traffic to and from our Islands continues to grow the commerce it generates in Tarbert will add to the demands on local businesses. Functioning drainage is the bare minimum of what we expect to have in a modern industrialised nation, yet (as ever) local complaints seem to go unheard by the urban-centric Scottish Water management. Frankly this is unacceptable and I will once again contact Scottish Water and press for a speedy resolution that ensures minimum disruption to local businesses.

Housing needs in Tarbert are mentioned to myself time and times again particularly among my younger constituents. While the planed handful of housing association new builds are welcome they should be considered the beginning of new development not the end. As well as the need for new houses the poor condition of existing social housing cannot be ignored any longer. Sadly mould problems as a result of damp walls and unfixed roofs, doors and windows seem to be the rule rather than the exception. This is not just a problem in Tarbert but it's rampant throughout our social housing stock in every corner of my council ward.

Obviously there are huge health risks to living in housing with severe mould issues particularly for the very young and the elderly. As a social housing tenant myself I know all to well the the difficulties in getting even basic repairs done and I strongly feel the attitude of housing association management will need to change in dealing with complaints from their tenants. Otherwise it's very likely social housing problems and challenges will grow. My constituents are rightfully asking for action and not excuses.

As a Councillor for the Kintyre and Islands ward I'm more than happy to keep pressing for instant action not lengthily delays.

Cllr Alastair Redman