Do not ignore our islands

It was great to spend the past few days speaking to my constituents and visiting businesses in Port Ellen and the rest of the south side of Islay.

I listened to numerous local concerns about our infrastructure and the need for large scale investment particularity after the fantastic news of Elixir Distillers plans for new Islay distillery.

We on the Islands of Islay and Jura are a gigantic tax revenue bread basket for the central governments both north and south of the boarder and it's only fair that we on the islands receive some recompense for our vast contributions.

Argyll and Bute Council, thanks in part to my relentless campaigning, are investing more in Argyll's infrastructure. Well now it's time for the Scottish Government to follow suit and step up to the plate.

Our Islands deserve better than our current crumbling third world infrastructure. I would implore politicians of all political stripes not to ignore our Islands as they have done so often in the past.

I want and will keep fighting hard for a better deal for my constituents.

Cllr Alastair Redman