Crumbling pavements and broken drains in Port Ellen and Bowmore

I have been out and about visiting my constituents in Port Ellen and Bowmore the past few days and checking up on the progress being made with road and drain repairs.

In Port Ellen, Mansfield Rd and Lennox St desperately need some extensive road works including some resurfacing.

Also blocked drains on the A846 continue to cause flooding issues.

The new pavement work at the corner of Lennox St is a massive improvement and has been welcomed by my constituents. That said however, the cratered concrete pavement sections on Frederick Crescent are unacceptable and sadly some of the attempted repair work that has happened here leaves allot to be desired.

In Bowmore poor pavements across the board will need to be addressed and on Jamieson St any pothole repairs that are made are of course welcomed but they just don't last the test of time, all the more so with the ever increasing quantity of heavy freight on our roads.

As well as crumbling pavements many drain covers are broken and are potential trip hazards.

I have been pressing our roads department and Scottish Water for the appropriate resources and manpower to resolve these issues.

From my position on the council administration I will keep fighting hard for a better deal for Islay and the whole of the Kintyre and Islands ward.


Cllr Alastair Redman - Kintyre and Islands ward