Councillor enlists support of MSP in pylon dispute

An Argyll and Bute councillor has won the support of an MSP in a dispute over the construction of giant pylons near the village of Dalmally.

The project, proposed by SSE, which would involve the construction of 52 new pylons carrying high voltage lines, is being opposed by local residents.

Councillor Andrew Vennard  (Oban North and Lorn) contacted Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron after attending a community meeting in Dalmally at which the long-running proposal was discussed.

Councillor Vennard said: “The local community is up-in-arms about this proposal which has now been going on for a considerable period of time and has cast a blight over the lives of many residents who stand to be badly affected by it.

“Although there has been some talk about under-grounding the cables we have no confirmation and the worry continues.

“I am very grateful that Donald, who I know has contacted the developer in the past about this issue,  is intervening in an attempt to gain some clarity about what is intended.”

Donald Cameron, MSP for the Highlands and Islands, said: “Too many communities across the Highlands and Islands are living under the shadow of proposed industrial developments that threaten to blight their surroundings.

“The residents of Dalmally understandably fear that their neighbourhood is being turned into an industrial corridor.

“It is disappointing that there remains uncertainty over this matter and I am pursuing it with the developer and the Scottish Government which, ultimately, is likely to make the decision.

“They have to understand that while we all appreciate the need to secure our energy supplies, projects should not be undertaken regardless of the impact it has on those who live nearby.”