Conservative councillors working hard for their constituents

I have had a busy few days over on the mainland fighting hard for my council ward. While attending the latest council administration meeting in Kilmory I made it very clear that many parts of Argyll and Bute despite having low population density have huge amounts of heavy industry that naturally requires greater infrastructure spending to keep our roads in a fit for purpose state.

I also once again pointed out Islay and Jura's vast tax revenue contributions from our world famous distilleries. This imbalance must be addressed as soon as possible.

I then attended the Integration Joint Board meeting and stated that the IJB must do all that it can to see that both pubic consultation on policy and community empowerment are more than just lip-service. It is essential that where possible local areas should be able to have actual influence over decisions that effect their own areas.

I was very pleased to join many of Argyll and Bute's Conservative councillors on the 30th for the official Argyll and Bute Council meeting. It's good to see my fellow Conservative councillors working so hard for their constituents.

Cllr Alastair Redman