Concerns remain about 3 weekly bin collections

It was great to be back on the mainland side of my council ward again. 

At the latest MAKI committee I brought up the street lighting issues in Port Ellen and Port Wemyss on Islay. The roads and street lighting department has already stated that the new LED lights may be the issue. As I said at the MAKI committee for safety reasons alone these faults must be rectified promptly. 

I also raised the need for (at the very least) advisory lower speed limit signs through many villages on Islay and outside of the Co-Op in Tarbert.

On the 6th September I joined fellow Conservative councillors at the Environment, Development and Infrastructure committee. 
Both myself and Cllr Jamie McGrigor of Ward 4 raised concerns from our constituents about the three weekly bin uplifts for general waste. We made it clear that paying higher council tax with less general waste bin uplifts is seen as unfair by many our constituents.

Later on I was delighted to attend the recent East Kintyre Community Council meeting in Carradale. It was good to speak to local residents in attendance and get updates on the progress being made with local drain repairs and hear from Marine Harvest about their future plans in Kintyre.

I have also been continuing to put out my latest survey across my council ward. There are more and more surveys returned everyday which is fantastic. The more I hear from my constituents the more effective a councillor I can be, so please keep the feedback coming in.

Cllr Alastair Redman