Concerns raised with Transport Scotland

I was happy to raise once again the many challenges facing my council ward while speaking to Transport Scotland representatives in Kilmory recently.

I mentioned the pressing need for more ferries and sailings to our growing island economies, along with the need for central government to increase funding to our hard pressed local authority to allow large scale investment in our local roads network.

The never ending problems with the A83 is something Transport Scotland has failed to properly act on and in my opinion there is little political will by the Scottish Government as they have a track record of favouring Scotland's urban transport links over our own dilapidated rural trunk roads.

Any disruptions of flights to and from the Isle of Colonsay are immensely concerning to my constituents on the island. After hearing these concerns first hand at my latest surgery on Colonsay I was very keen to relay them to my fellow administration Councillors and Transport Scotland officials.

As well as raising infrastructure and transport matters in Kilmory, I also was out and about in my ward to see in person how some of the additional investment in our roads network is being put to good use for much needed resurfacing and patchwork.

Investment in better infrastructure and transport links are an absolute must and such investments are universally popular for a very good reason.

Cllr Alastair Redman