ACHA opens new homes in Bowmore

I was delighted to attend the the new ACHA house opening ceremony on the 4th October in Bowmore. It was great to meet the new tenants, the local ACHA team and ACHA's Chief Executive Alastair MacGregor. 

We're freezing fuel duty for the ninth year in a row

We're freezing fuel duty for the ninth year in a row, cutting tax and making the UK a country of opportunity for all. So that no matter where you come from or what your circumstances, if you work hard and play by the rules, you will be fairly rewarded.

More high-quality apprenticeships

We want to help businesses train the workers of the future as well as giving older workers the skills they need in a changing economy. We’re doubling funding for apprenticeships to £2.45 billion by 2019-20.

Redman keeps pressing for improvements

I was back in Port Ellen recently putting out my latest survey, visiting constituents, checking up on road and street lighting repairs and attending the unveiling of the new Port Ellen public access defibrillator.

Islay Defib Challenge Update

Port Ellen public access defibrillator is now live.

Many thanks to Iain Woodrow for the installation of the enclosure and handing the unit over.

Solution to rugby pitch footpath

Over the past few days I have been answering emails and phone calls from concerned constituents about the recent building work in Bowmore which has seen a footpath being built over one side of Bowmore's rugby pitch.