Tarbert needs more social housing

It was great to speak directly to my constituents in Tarbert recently about many important local and national issues affecting them.

SNP Government failing to support farmers

Across rural Scotland the SNP Government are failing to support farmers as new figures show that Scottish farming incomes fell by £57 million in 2018.

It is abundantly clear that Scottish farmers have not had the support or certainty they need from the Scottish Government.

SNP funding cuts hit rural councils the hardest

I was happy to join my fellow Conservative councillor and Depute Policy Lead for Economic Development Bobby Good at the latest elected member budget seminar in Kilmory.

Cllr Good and I discussed the challenges facing both our council wards.

Speed and quality of repairs must be improved

I have been back in Kilmory recently and spoke to policy lead for roads and amenity services Cllr Roddy McCuish about the slow repairs of damaged street lighting in my ward, along with that fact that when repairs do finally take place, some of the work seems unfinished with electrical cables bein

SNP must stop wasting time and money on discredited policy

An independent panel tasked with establishing a ‘code of practice’ for Named Persons is facing difficulties.

The chair of the panel said it is struggling to create a code to address information sharing concerns that does not make the current situation more ‘complex and confusing’.